Politic India Publication is a. charitable publication. It provides platform for publication of selected reference books in  education and allied areas which are largely unexplored and tries to provide alternative solution to the existing problems. It does not provide any service related to typing, composing, printing and other related work. The Politic India only examines manuscript  and tries to ensure the quality of the work. ISBN is allotted to the accepted  manuscript for which no fee is charged. Politic India Publication is also not involved with the distribution of published books. Its main purpose is to ensure quality of books published under the banner of Politic India Publication. What ever cost is involved in ensuring the quality is borne by the trustees of Politic Foundation, Patna.

Published books

1. Kumar.K. and Singh, S.P. (Eds.) (2017). Challenges of Education in India

2. Common School System (a research work under publication)

3. Bihar me Kisan Andolan ( a reserach work under publication)

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