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 Publication of People's Dialogue on Education is the oldest activity of Politic India.  People’s Dialogue on Education is a biannual journal  covering broad area of Education and allied disciplines. Its publication started in 2009. It was published in print form till 2012.  In continuation with the print form the journal switches over to electronic form from volume 5. Now People’s Dialogue on Education is an online peer reviewed journal. One volume consisting of 2 issues (No.1 and No. 2) is published every year. Publication of articles in Number 1 of the year’s volume is undertaken between January & June and publication of articles in Number 2 of the year’s volume is undertaken between July & December. Maximum number of articles in an issue of the journal does not exceed twenty. Minimum limit of articles for an issue is two. Journal follows continous publication model. The primary advantage of continuous publication is a shortened time to having the final reviewed version of the article available to the readers.


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